Environmental Adventure Company (EAC), is proud to announce a new series of People-to-People birding & nature tours to Cuba – the BEST birding location in the West Indies. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and supports an incredible variety of habitats from interior tropical forests, montane forests, to extensive wetlands and mangroves. Lying only 90 miles from Miami, Cuba boasts 372 species of birds, 26 of them endemic species; by far one of the premier locations in the world to enjoy bird watching. This is a naturalist’s dream tour!

“Environmental Adventure Company is top-notch! They share the same values as I do about travel, wilderness & culture, and they know their stuff! Omit nothing!” Judy, California

EAC was voted “one of North America’s best wildlife tour companies” by the National Wildlife Federation™, a leader in educational travel to natural and cultural areas worldwide.

People in Virginia love Our Cuba tours

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